Harvest Mission Community Church began in 1996 with a dream of becoming a 1st century church in the 21st century with a passion for transformation. As we started the church, God gave us the vision for being a community of faith that will raise radical followers of Christ who will transform the world. It was simply the vision of “transforming lives and transforming the world.”

Years later, we praise God for all the lives that have experienced transformation through His power and grace. We have seen more salvations, more lives experiencing transformation through the Gospel, more disciples being made, more missional outreaches started, and more churches planted throughout the world.

While we rejoice in all that God has done, we know that there is still much more that He is calling us to experience. At every stage of HMCC’s journey, we have always believed that without commitment and sacrifice from its members, the vision would never be achieved. There have been several financial campaigns that we have endeavored in order to raise resources, not only to purchase our own facility but to continue the work of missions around the world.

Our desire as a church has always been to be fully-equipped and fully-resourced so that we can follow God’s leadership in doing His will. We want to consistently respond to God with faith, trust and obedience. In this new season of our church, God has given us greater clarity to the vision of transformation. Therefore, we want to raise the necessary funds so that we can carry out the vision into the future.

Over the years, God has given us a strategy to reach more people with the Gospel message. In order for the Transformation Vision to become a reality, we must make the investment in prayers, in people and in our giving. As we respond in faith, we believe that God will enable our church to reach more people with the Gospel.

By God's grace, we pray that our influence will ripple out to our community and even beyond, so that every nation can encounter God’s love. We hope you will join our HMCC family on this journey as we pursue the vision of transformation!

Transformation Vision

We praise God for all that He has done, but we know that there is still much that He is calling us to accomplish. Our desire to be a fully-equipped and fully-resourced church so that when He leads us in a specific direction, we will be able to move forward in obedience. Over the years, God has led us to develop a specific, 3-pronged strategy to carry out this vision. As we find ways to join together in building God's kingdom, we believe we will see the world transformed for the glory of God.