Resourcing for the Future

One thing we have learned in our journey to be a church that will “transform lives and transform the world” is that we have to always be prepared to respond to God’s will. Sometimes the window of opportunity opens for a short time and then it closes. We have experienced this several times throughout our church’s history.

The first time was when we had an opportunity to purchase our current facility, the T-Center. Since we were on a fundraising campaign to purchase a piece of land to build a T-Center, we had funds saved up in the bank. Therefore, when the purchase of the piece of land fell through and the opportunity to purchase the T-Center came up, we were able to make the decision quickly and make the down payment on the purchase of the building.

The second time was when God gave us a vision to plant churches. This was something that we did not anticipate. But as our vision began to increase and we knew that God wanted to us to invest in planting churches in the States, as well as internationally, we were prepared to respond to God’s call.

It is in these examples that we are reminded that we always need to be ready, whether it is with trained disciples who will be sent out to do His will or with funds to help start various things that God is revealing to us.

That is why in this Transformation Vision Campaign, we are trying to raise resources so that we will be prepared for any future work that God will call us to do. Everything that we are envisioning is consistent with the 2020 Vision of planting new churches locally and globally and even starting up new missional initiatives. We are hoping that God will also provide more resources so that we can continue to support the current missions work that is happening around the world.

Ultimately, it is God who needs to move in the hearts of people in order for us to not only see the vision but to sacrificially give to it. Therefore, as we are praying for the greater vision of transformation, may God stir our hearts to participate through our prayers and our giving. We want to be fully-resourced so that when things open up, we will not hesitate, but instead be able to step out in faith, ready to do His will, because God has been preparing us to respond.