Renovating the T-Center

URC Building

All throughout Scripture we see that our God is a God of provisions (Gen 22:14; Heb 13:20-21). At HMCC, we have always believed that when God gives us a “vision,” He will always give us the “pro-visions” because He is always “for” His vision. We have experienced God’s faithfulness in His provisions as we have witnessed God provide a church building. Through God’s sovereignty and the sacrificial giving of our members, we were able to purchase the facility in 2008, which we now passionately call, “the Transformation Center” (T-Center).

This is the place where we believe that God gives us a glimpse of the transformation that He desires for us to experience on a weekly basis. It is in this place where we have our Sunday Celebrations, our church wide prayer gatherings, our morning and evening chapels, our leadership meetings, our ministry team meetings, and various lifestage gatherings. It is hard to imagine not having a place like the T-Center, where we are able to experience God’s power and true biblical community.

When we first purchased the T-Center, we knew that there was going to be a lot of work and resources required in order to maximize the use of the facility. Therefore, we spent resources in getting the building ready for the grand opening in September 2008. There were other renovations that we had to hold off on until God provided more resources. But now, in light of God calling us to renovate the T-Center at this season of our church, we are inviting everyone to participate.

As we make the investment of our resources, we believe that we will be creating an environment where people will be able to experience God in a greater way. So whether the renovation deals with the temperature in the building or making other things more presentable to invite our guests, we are hoping that people will be able to have a place where God can meet them powerfully.